Timișoara is a city in Western Romania. It’s the 4th largest city in Romania. From Israel , there are direct flights twice a week with Wizzair.

The city is an excellent base for trips in Western Romania or for a short, inexpensive, city break.

?how did I get to Timișoara

I wanted to go to Spain and looked for ways to cut the flight cost. So on the way to Spain I stopped in Timișoara for 24 hours.

From the airport there is a bus to the city center.
Note: you cannot buy a bus ticket on the bus, but at a stall at the exit from the airport. The cost is 2.5 leu per ride.

On the way back to the airport, I found out that on Sunday the buses to the airport operate only in the evening, so I got an Uber.
Uber is an app that can reduce travel costs considerably (also in other countries in the world). Uber rides are often much cheaper than taxi rides. The location has to be specified when you order the service, and that bridges the language barriers. Click here to download.

טימישוארה רומניה

Local Currency

The local currency in Romania is Leu (RON). Its value: 1 leu = 0.9 NIS (as of November 2018).

For Israeli travelers: The most simple and convenient way to buy forint for your trip is via Fly Money.
Simply order the money in advance online and pick it up before the flight at Bank Hapoalim at Ben Gurion Airport.

?Where to stay

I’ll recommend three places to stay according to your budget.
All of these places were picked according to recommendations and their central location.

Low budget - Hostel Cornel

This is the hostel I stayed in. I arrived in the city on my own, so I picked a girl-only dorm room. The place is beautiful and has a cool design, the rooms are spacious and there are quite a few showers and toilets.

The staff is friendly and willing to help.

It is located on the second floor (no elevator), while on the first floor there is a nice pub, in case you feel like a beer in the evening.

Mid-range - Diamond Residence

Apartments with a lounge (with a TV), kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and terrace.
The apartment is at an excellent location near the Orthodox Cathedral.

Expensive - Hotel President

A hotel at an excellent location with a good breakfast and very nice staff. The rooms are spacious and equipped. There is a car park next to the hotel.

Click here to compare accommodation prices in Timișoara.

:My Route

Since I knew I had very little time in the city, I planned two clear routes in Google Maps for each day. For the first day, I planned to cross the city center from the Orthodox Cathedral to the Botanical Garden. For the second day I planned a trip among the parks in Timișoara.

Route 1 - From the Orthodox Cathedral to the Botanical Garden

The hostel I stayed in was located about a 5 minute walk from the Botanical Garden, so I started my route there. I was traveling in November, during fall, and the park had beautiful colors. The garden isn’t the most beautiful I’ve seen, but it was a nice walk.

טימישוארה - גנים בוטניים

My next stop was Marasti Square. I didn’t find it very interesting. It’s a square with old buildings around it. From there I went to Unity Square, the most beautiful square in Timișoara i my opinion.

Around the square are buildings with beautiful, colorful facades. In there square there is a Roman Catholic Cathedral built in the Baroque style and the city’s art museum.

כיכר האיחוד טימישוארה

My next stop was the synagogue. It was built between 1863-1865, initiated by Rabbi Maurizio Hirschfeld. The building looks like a beautiful historical site. At the moment it is closed for renovation so I couldn’t go inside. 

The next stop on the map is Liberty Square, between Unity Square and Victory Square. It’s a small square and when I visited there were some street artists there, drawing and singing. Here you’ll find the city hall and Nepomuk's Statue.

טימישוארה מסלול טיול

Later I moved on to Victory Square. It is the symbol of the Romanian revolution. At the square you'll find the opera house, the philharmonic orchestra and the history museum.

בנין האופרה בטימישוארה

The route ends at the Metropolitan Orthodox Cathedral. It was built between 1937 and 1940.

It is one of the symbols of the city and is dedicated to the Three Holy Hierarchs, Saints Basil the Great, Gregory the Theologian, and John Chrysostom.

הקתדרלה טימישוארה

Route 2 - Among the Timișoara Parks

The Romanians call Timișoara the city of gardens for a reason.
In Timișoara  you’ll find many gardens, green and tranquil by the Timiș River that crosses the city.
I described the Timișoara  Botanical Park in the previous route.
In this route I walked the gardens beyond Victory Square.

The first park was Civi Park. Not the most impressive one, but just a path leading to the really beautiful parks.
There is an active building in the park covered in  graffiti that makes for good photos.

פארק בטימישוארה

The next park the charming Rose Park. It is along the Timiș River.
There are cycling lanes along the river, nice greenery and many sitting areas that  look suitable for weddings.

פארק הורדים טימישוארה

I walked along the river banks till I reached the Children’s Park. One of the most charming places for families or couples arriving at Timișoara. Around the park are many amusement facilities for kids.

After walking farther by the river, you reach a very unstable bridge (beautiful in my opinion). If you don’t want to cross the bridge, you can continue walking across the river till you reach a road that you can cross.

After crossing the bridge, you reach the last park on my route, Regina Park.
It’s a small but impressive park.
There were 3 couples taking pictures there before their wedding, not by coincidence.

Another way to explore Timișoara is with a guide.
Click here for more details.


Iulius Mall is one of the largest in Eastern Europe. As of October 2018, the entrance is under construction and it is not inviting, but after you enter the feeling changes.

The mall is well designed and has a luxurious feel. You can find international  brands, local brands and a cinema. The prices of the items I checked were similar to Israeli prices.

קניות טימישוארה

Another recommended attraction: The Museum of Banat Village

The Museum of Banat Village is a beautiful open-air museum.

You can see houses from different historical periods. At the entrance to each house there is a sign in English with an explanation about the house you see and which period it’s from.

The Museum of Banat Village organizes traditional events from time to time, especially in summer or fall.

I reached the village following a recommendation I was given on the Eastern Europe Travel Facebook Group and was pleased with the visit.